Don’t panic. Just because the next step in reviving the Superman film franchise is getting a rewrite doesn’t mean it’s complete shit. I mean, we hope. In fact we’re praying that isn’t the case. There were rumors of Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel being a little weak in the final act and this rewrite from Kurt Johnstad could be related.

But, fact is, rewrites are extremely common, especially throughout pre-production. I would take this as a good omen as it’s likely signalling they want to get this picture right. Johnstad is also a frequent collaborator of Snyder’s; he was a co-writer for 300. And it’s also rumored Johnstad’s not the only one tweaking the script, apparently Christopher Nolan‘s brother, Jonathan Nolan also did some work on Man of Steel‘s script. See, they’re keeping it all in the family.

Do these rewrites still worry you, though? What type of scene do you feel is crucial for a successful Superman film?

source: /Film

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