Well, maybe one day. When some fool arms the Jedibot with an actual laser sword instead of a a foam baseball bat. Then, we’re doomed.

But until then you can check out the video of the Jedibot in action. It was created for an Intro to Robotics class, which is so awesome I’m comtemplating going back to school. Unfortunately my talent with robotics is limited to criticizing the racist robots from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

[Students] figured out a way to use off-the-shelf technology to make it work by incorporating the Microsoft Kinect sensor, which is best known as part of the Xbox game console. The color sensor can detect objects in three-dimensional space.

“We use the color image to isolate the sword from the background, because the opponent’s sword is green and nothing else in the background is green,” said graduate student Ken Oslund, who helped design what he calls the “JediBot,” named in homage to the lightsaber-wielding characters from the Star Wars movies.

source: io9

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