“The Walking Dead” Season Two Teaser

The Walking Dead season two teaser premiered last night during the commercial break for the season four opener for AMC’s other great show Breaking Bad. If you are not watching Breaking Bad I urge you to Netflix, Hulu, or just steal your neighbors dvd set of the series and catch up, it’s fantastic writing, acting, and cinematography.

OK, I’m stepping off my Breaking Bad soapbox and climbing up on my The Walking Dead pedestal. What can I say about the Walking Dead that allows me to praise the show without gushing like a 6 year old girl with a new My Little Pony? Screw it, I’m gonna gush. The show is the greatest thing since sliced bread and free porn downloads. When people tell me they haven’t watched the show or “GASP” didn’t like it, I want to go running into the woods, grab a big rock and . . . wait a minute, this sounds familiar.

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