Just in case you were skeptical about picking up all or any of DC‘s new #1’s in September, if you wait until December you can buy them all in trade. The collection of 52 issues will break down to about $2.88 per issue which sounds like a fantastic deal. That is, until you realize the book has 1,216 pages! This book could be a certified weapon requiring confiscation, if your strong enough to lift it. Somehow I’d see myself having issue wielding a 1,200+ paged book with any effectiveness. But dropped from a short height, it could cause serious injury.

For a little perspective, Paul Levitz’s 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking was only 800 pages and look how freakin’ massive it was!

DC’s The New 52 will retail for $150 and again, will contain every new #1 of their fall relaunch. You can check out every new #1 here, in our Nerdy Bastards Guide of the New DC Universe. What do you think, will this giant tome have a space on your shelf? Or rather on your coffee table? Or, hell, as your coffee table because I think it could handle the task.

source: ComicsAlliance

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