Hide yo kids, hide yo wife and yo husband ’cause Nerd Bastards is raping Comic Con. Hmm. How would one “rape” a con any way? Would you sprinkle some rohypnol on the floor and violently fornicate the convention center’s entrances.. even the back doors, leaving your best impression of a Jackson Pollock painting on everything? Bah! Never mind. Point of the matter is NB, for the first time, will be rockin’ da media mecca. Yep, never have our sorry asses made it to geek haven, but this year is different. We actually have money this time (didn’t blow it on hookers and cupcakes like we did last year).

Head chief cake, Luke Gallagher (that’s me) and Mrs. Nerd Bastards Crystal H. will be rippin’ and roarin’ our way through the 4 day convention (July 20th-24th).  Seriously, we fart a lot (I’m a mean crop duster). In between the ass claps will be bringing you minute-by-minute coverage. Or, at least we will try. To be honest, we haven’t got a clue as to what the hell we’re doing.  Again, our Comic-Con cherries are gettin’ popped. We don’t quite know what to expect. Panels, presentations, Cosplayers with their tits hangin’ out (I personally can’t wait for that) and number of other cool shit will transpire. Our hope is that we will be on the front lines and able to bring  you the latest news and happenings.

Check back to Nerd Bastards for up-to-date coverage and shennigans. *Fart*

*Note: for any of you NB fans that will be in attendance, we’d very much like to meet you. Look for us. Will be wearing NB Tees (which you too can own. go to splitreason.com/nerdbastards and buy em’ up). Will also be handing out some NB stickers and awkward hugs.

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