See, I told you the closer we came to San Diego Comic-Con more casting news for the second season of HBO‘s Game of Thrones would be released. Today, a mere two days before the Con kicks off, we learn Stephen Dillane has been cast as Stannis Baratheon, brother to King Robert and Carice van Houten is the mysterious red priestess, Melisandre, an adviser to Stannis.

The second book in George R.R. Martin‘s epic fantasy series, A Clash of Kings introduces more characters to an already crowded ensemble and it’s been interesting to see whose been left in and whose out of the series. Obviously, as fans of the books can attest, Stannis and Melisandre are far too important to be left on the cutting room floor. In what is hopefully not too much of a spoiler since the second book’s title clearly gives it away, there is more than one king in Westeros at the beginning of the second season. Joffrey sits the Iron Throne but Robb was raised to King in the North at the conclusion of season one and in the beginning of season two, Stannis, King Robert’s brother makes claim to the throne due to some well-deserved suspicion over Joffrey’s parentage. (And those aren’t even all the kings! Talk about a royal rumble.) Urging Stannis towards the throne is Melisandre, a red prietess of R’hollar, with some suspicious and powerful abilities. Meaning, yes, there will be yet another religion to intensify the divisiveness of Westeros.

This casting seems spot on. Dilane was last seen as Thomas Jefferson in HBO’s John Adams, and while Stannis will be quite a different role just looking at his face I can see the weary and stern Baratheon. Van Houten has recently been in Valkyrie and Repo Men and to transform herself into Melisandre it’s gonna require a lot of red; red hair, red eyes, really red lips, all finished up with a completely red wardrobe. But judging by her pale complexion and large eyes I think once make-up and wardrobe work their magic she’ll look positively crimson. Dilane and van Houten join the new cast announcements of Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell and Gwendoline Christie as Brienne Tarth.

What are your thoughts on this casting news? Think they’re a perfect fit or were you holding out for Christopher Eccelston to nab the role of Stannis? Or are you just thinking, why the hell can’t season two be starting this fall!?

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