YouTube’s MainstayPro has put together a great Hunger Games fan film based on a flash back scene from the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. Haymitch, the often drunk, surly, and past Hunger Games Champion that mentors Katness and Peeta. Haymitch will be played in the Hunger Games Movie by Woody Harrelson, a great choice in this NerdBastards opinion.

If you haven’t read the second book  . . . What the hell are you doing on the Internet when you should be out buying, reading, and enjoying the rest of the trilogy? After the jump there are a couple  more teaser fan films about the Hunger Games that I thought you might also like. NerdBastards tips their hat to MainStayPro, you guys are doing some great work. Keep making great little films and we’ll keep watching them!

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