It’s that time again! This weekend a big, summer blockbuster of a comic book movie is hitting screens all across America. Celebrating something Americans even to this day take special pride in, kicking Nazi ass. Captain America opens tomorrow, July 22nd, and like many of these Hollywood films with their stars ripped from the pages of our beloved comic books, they come with baggage. It’s a lot of back issues, dude, 70 years worth.

Want to be up to snuff on with your knowledge of the Cap come the midnight movie premiere? Let’s Be Friend’s Again strike awesome with another edition of Comic’s, Everybody! This time detailing the strange tale of army soldier, Steve Rogers turned hero and WWII icon, Captain America. And it’s all told in eight panels! Learning this comic book stuff is a breeze. You’ll impress everyone in line. You can be all like, “Did you know Captain America punched Hitler in the nads?” The crowd will love you.

Hit the jump the to learn the comic book history of Captain America before movie time.

source: ComicsAlliance

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