SDCC 2011: Let the Adventure Con-tinue, Day 2

Mrs. Nerdbastards here once again to bring you my daily experience of a first-timer at Comic Con. Day 2 started with me being up at the ass crack of dawn since I’m still on Boston time…so what else should one do at 6am you ask? Well, I decided I should stroll on down to the convention center and get my ass in line for the Twilight panel…wtf was I thinking???

So into line I go. Luckily I was in line with some pretty awesome people. See the pic above to check us all out! We waited 3 1/2 hours to get into Hall H. Don’t even get me started on the damn broads who had been waiting in line since Monday…No way in hell would I ever do that, for anyone. Seems to me some people need to see a therapist about an certain obsession…disgusting.

Anyways, the panel finally begins and there is nothing but awkward chemistry between the 2 “clicks.” Taylor, Kristen and Robert are meshing together quite nicely then in strolls Nikki, Ashley, Elizabeth and Booboo. Let’s just say Nikki made for some serious tension. No offense, and I’m going to say this as nicely as possible, that chick is a bitch. Just sayin’.

So after I struggle thought the Twilight panel I am on a mission to try to get into Ballroom 20 where Luke has been for the fast few hours. So I head over to the line….it starts inside, then goes outside, down a huge flight of stairs, under about 8 different tents, down another hugs flight of stairs, around a corner and up along the sidewalk of the marina. You have got to be kidding me!?!?!?! The look on my face at that point was probably priceless. So into line I go, the very last person at that moment in time. Lucky me.


So up the sidewalk I go. Then around the corner. Up 1 set of stairs and through 3 winding tents. I finally make it to the second set of stairs and Luke calls me. “Oh, I can get you in…”……are you f*ckin’ kidding me? I’ve been standing in this bullshit line and NOW you can get me in….ughhh.

So into the Ballroom I go, but not before some douchebag of an attendant tried to stop us from going in. He gave us some bullshit of an excuse that the Fire Marshall would not allow us to go in through the exit doors after Luke got the ok to go back in once I was with him. After some congering and an OK from another attendant we got back in.

So then we have to sit through the Ringer panel with Sarah Michelle Geller. Seemed kinda interesting actually, might just have to check it out when it comes to the CW. Then came the Game of Thrones panel. Pretty awesome, not much going on since the cast can’t reveal anything. No clips played for next season…complete bummer. Then I sat through the TV Guide Fan Favorite Panel….absolute snore fest if you don’t mind me saying. Could not wait for that to be over….I’ll spare you the details.

Then the Showtime panel began. Now, here’s what was supposed to happen. Dexter was supposed to show first and then we were going to leave to hook up with Giant Realm. Now here’s what happened. Shameless began the panel and I had to sit though not 1, but 2 re-caps of last season….the same re-cap BOTH times since who-ever was running this thing had no idea what they were doing. So after that happened we find out Dexter is last and I have had it. Being couped up in a single room for a long period of time makes one go crazy.

So we leave. Head OUT of the the convention center and down the street to meet up with some people from Giant Realm….best part of the day. Drank some drinks, ate some food and overall had some really great conversation. Networking isn’t as bad as I thought it was.

So then I’m feeling better and decide that Luke and I will WALK back to our hostel. Nice night out. I love the idea. Luke, not so happy with me. SO I buy him a candy bar to shut him up….

And so ends our night. Now we are both siting on our beds trying to get all this information out to you bastards. So now I’m leaving…it’s time for bed. I have tomorrow to get through……

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