The concept of faith is a very heavy subject in season six of Dexter. America’s favorite serial killer has more issues then ever. During yesterday’s “Dexter” panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, stars Michael C. Hall, C.S. Lee, Mos Def and Colin Hanks were all present to talk about the upcoming season. They even dropped the premiere date for the fans, how sweet are they?

Showtime was generous enough to release the full trailer for the sixth season of “Dexter” to come out Sunday, October 6th at 9PM.

Like we previously mentioned, this season will heavily rely on the theme of faith. With all the things Dexter has done he has begun to grapple with the fear of what may become of his son. Hall reportedly said that Dexter has become fearful that his murderous ways may pass on to his son, now sharing similarities in the way they have and are growing up. As we’ve reported before, the main theme for the new season is faith. This is shaping up to be the most sinful season of Dexter yet.

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