Before I get to talking about Psych, I must apologize to all you fans waiting on Comic-Con coverage from Mrs. Nerd Bastards and I. I’m not one for excuses, but holyshit were we unprepared for today. I was stuck in Ballroom 20 all day listening to every panel in the room. I had to or else I would have to go to the back of the line outside. There was a line of 5000+ waiting to get into the ballroom for anyone of the panels. Only by staying in my seat did I lay claim to the panels of interest, those being Psych, Game of Thrones and Dexter. I had to sit thru Burn Notice: Fall of Sam Axe (which seeing Bruce Campbell is always a pleasure), Covert Affairs (ugh), Ringer (blah), and TV Guide’s Fan Choice (Matt Smith/Doctor Who was on this panel, so at least that was MINT). Being stuck in this room prevented me from reporting  other matters. Like FOX’s presentation of Prometheus with Ridley Scott and the Napoleon Dynamite Animated Series. Or, Mike Judge’s presentation of the premier of Beavis and Butthead. In addition, my lap top died. No computer, no reporting. Only now that I am back in my hotel can I sit back and bring to you a play-by-play of the some of the cons most anticipated panels.

Onto Psych.

Psych,  is an American comedy/drama mystery television series, about a man who works for the Santa Barbra Police Department as their resident psychic. The only hitch is that Shawn Spence (James Roday) isn’t really a psychic, he just relies on his highly tuned sense of observation to solve mysteries. With his best friend Burton “Gus” Guster (Dule Hill) and his father Henry (Corbin Bernson) the series has lasted into it’s fifth season, keen senses and all. It’s one of my favorite shows!  Freshly entertaining. It somehow combines youthful thirty-ish banter between buddies with Monk-ish sleuthing. The witty jokes, sharp dialog and endless obscure 80’s references make it a real delight.

So, Psych comes back to Comic-Con. Their 3rd year. What goes down? Well, stories and laughs from the whole cast and it’s creators (James Roday– Sean Spencer, Dulé Hill– Burton Guster, Timothy Omundson– Detective Lassiter, Maggie Lawson– Juliet, Corbin Bernsen– Henry Spencer, Kirsten Nelson– Cheif Vick, Kurt Fuller– Woody the coroner and Steve Franks– creator and executive producer, Chris Henze– exec. producer and Kelly Kulchak– exec. producer) …and pineapples of course.

CLICK ON THRU for a transcribed, word-for-word account of the 2011 Psych panel. *Note: this panel took place on Thurs 7/21 at 12:30. Sorry for the delay. Also, I think this may may be my last full on transcription. It takes too much time and I dunno if you even care to read it all anyway. Do you like it this way, or would you be cool with just an overview?

On Thursday, Ballroom 20 attendees erupted with glee when Star Trek vet (and all-around geek king) William Shatner made an appearance during Psych’s special video message to the Comic-Con crowd.

The panel opened with creator Steve Franks and the Friendly Indians singing the beloved theme song, with stars James Roday, Dule Hill and company donning bright green sunglasses and providing background vocals. Amazeballs!

Kurt Fuller (he plays Woody the Coroner) takes the stage and says “Welcome to  the 3rd year of Psych at Comic Con. Let me introduce the greatest people in the world”. The cast comes out and takes their seats.

A preview clip of season 6 is shown. It flashes some quick, hilarious moments and intriguing shenanigans. 2 things that got attention. 1. An interrogation lie detector scene with Lassiter and Spencer. Lassie asks Sean if he is Psychic (dun. dun. dun.) 2. The abundance of cameos season 6 has in store. Like, Molly Ringwald, Danny Glover, Wade Boggs, Jason Priestly and….WILLIAM SHATER! The SHAT!

Kurt Fuller now moderates the panel. ” I’ve got questions you’ve got answers”.

Kurt: When I watch the show I laugh, I have fun, but usually someones dead, or something horrible happens to someone. How do you make this a light hearted comedy  with death and destruction?

Steve Franks: It involves a lot of high pitch screaming. There is a murder and a case, once we see someone dead we have to go to jokes immediately. We hope your grining in moments your not suppose to laugh

Kurt to James: Sean obviously looks for the fun in things and at times the character like yourself can be childish, is Sean, the character, ever gonna grow. Has he? Will he?

James: Small steps. Steps only visible from above.  Tiny bird legs. Baby steps. Not baby humans. Maybe vermines.

Kurt to Dule’: Sean and Guss obviously are closet of friends, but come on there is an under current. Tell me the one thing about Sean that annoys Gus the most.

Dule’: He keeps stealing my credit cards.

Kurt to Timothy: Another person always in the way of Sean is you, but you have to work together. Duality. What do you think of Sean and his skills?

Timothy: I have no idea. Depends on script. He hates this guy, but has a deep seeded odd affection. Solved 90- crimes. So you just sorta, like in real life,don’t always get along , but stick it out.

Kurt back to Tim: I think among all the characters yours has changes the most. Do you agree?

Timothy: Yea, I aguess so. I dunno if I approached it different. Lassister has evolved. I think it’s writers getting to know me. All of us getting to know each other. What makes each other laugh. That translates to damn good television.

Kurt to Maggie: Juliet and Sean are finally a couple.  How does this change your relation with Lassiter? Part two: You have a b/f who says he’s a psychic, but you don’t believe. Are you saying your b/f is a liar, or do you now think he is?

Maggie: I think my relation with Lassiter has grown because we had to get over this relationship over someone he doesn’t gel with. He sees her as her #1 at work. See Spencer as #1 in life. I think Juliet has always believes Sean is psychic. Shes always believed. He is what he says he is. Other wise she’s with a liar. That would be weird. So yea, she whole heartedly believes.

Kurt says acknowledges Corbin Bernson and says “lets give it up for this man”. When we first worked together we had hair”

Kurt to Corbin: 90 episodes. Do you remember the pilot?

Corbin: I do. At this age I’m not sure sure what goes on anymore, but I do remember the “how many hats in the room” test. I always go back to that.

At this point, Dule’ and James break intro song. They sing “stuck on you”. Steve Frank says in response “while funny, imagine hearing that at the end of every take. I wanted to throw my head phones.

Kurt to Kirsten: What is the dream case that Chief Vic would like to cover if she was on CSI Miami?

Kirsten: There is a body found in a dumpster. Decomposed for 5 days, no ID but all around there are paper rapers shaped in origami cranes. First clue is smell of putinia.  I have to call chief to ask jurisdiction, then I ask to bring in Henry (Henry Spencer from Psych)….. I HAVE NO IDEA!

Kurt to producers Chris and Kelly:

Chris:  Malcolm Mcdowell, Joey Macentire. Kristy Swanson, Corey Feldman. Brad Dourif. Danny Glover. Micheal Truco.

Kelly: Wade Boggs. Deatrick Batter. Antony Anderson. Jason Priesly. Tony Howel. Carey Elwes. Juliet White. William Shatner!!!

Kurt say ” you don’t get those kind of guest stars unless your  kick ass!

Kurt then asks all the panelists what their favorite episode was. I only heard half the responses. One I did hear that I thought was funny was Timothy Omundson saying “The Vampire Ep. ‘This Episode Sucks'” which is coming up in season 6th.

Fan Q&A (*note: each “fan” is a different person. There was line. each person got to ask 1 question)

Fan: How would you guys feel about doing a musical episode?

Steve: tried doing one in season 6 but then I realized you can’t do a musical in 3 weeks. So, first episode of season 7 will do it.

Fan: Do you guys play pranks on each other?

Maggie: Less jokes in front of camera. It’s about trying to crack people up behind the camera.

Steve: Dul’e didn’t know about this shirt. *Steve holds up tee with a photoshop black and white image of a shirtless Dul’e with Sean holding his nipples from behind.

Fan: Loved Yin and Yang. Will there be another serial killer?

Steve: No, but there’s something towards the end of season 6 that’s creepy. Just doesn’t feel the same shoes, but you will be shocked. I think we wrapped the last one well, but if you guys want another one, will do it.

Fan: I’d love to see a Psych vs. Mentalist episode.

James: The Mentalist doesn’t want to a 12 million hit in viewership. They may have more fans but we have the best.

Fan: What is the origin of the pineapple. Why is it in every episode? *fans boo*.

James: Not fan enough!.  Improve on pilot. In and out of cuts and then took a life of its own. Plus there delicious and prickly.

Fan to Dule’. Your character has become more fun over the years. Is that your influence, writers or directors?

D: Collaborative effort. As time goes by we develop more and more. All of us. A team effort?


There more more fan questions, and cast banter, but at this point my computer died. *sad face*. Not much else transpired. Couple questions about favorite Gus alias. Is Freddy Prince coming back (maybe) and question on what each cast members fav. scene was. When asked whether viewers would see Chief Vick’s (Kirsten Nelson) husband on the new season, Roday deadpanned, “Yes we will see Chief Vick’s husband. He will be played by Pitbull.”




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