Earlier today we had some new images from the second season of AMC‘s The Walking Dead, but now, only a few hours later we’ve got the season two trailer! This is what Comic-Con weekend is all about!

Oh. Em. Gee. That was freakin’ incredible! The Walking Dead returns on October 16th at 9pm and I feel like I’ll be watching this trailer once a day until then. If you thought the first season, which was really a half  season with only six episodes, was intense, you don’t understand the meaning of intensity. Leaving Atlanta was only the beginning, the struggle of survival is what makes The Walking Dead so extraordinary, and it seems to be a front and center theme for this upcoming season.

What are you guys expecting from the new season? We’ve heard they’ll end up at Herschel’s farm, but who ends up there? Does the group really split? And lastly, comic book fans will know what I’m talking about, uhh, Shane?

source: AMCtv via (jeff)isageek

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