Let’s Play Comic-Con Bingo!

Saturday is the biggest, bestest day of the Comic-Con. Making it your best chance to play Comic-Con Bingo! These cards from Comedy Central are the perfect time-waster when you’re standing in line. And even though I’m not at Comic-Con, I know standing in line is all part of the fun. Or should I say, “fun.”

I think the toughest thing to find will be an excited goth, but you know what will be really easy, a grown man posing with toys or a slutty furry or a humongous sword or anyone blogging or, wait, I think all of these should be pretty easy to find. Get crackin’! And tweet your best squares to @CCinsider and feel free to share with us either in the comments or @nerdbastards.

source: TDW: Geeks

Category: Nerd Culture

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