Two great looking video games are coming out which will allow you to play pretend and run around as the Caped Crusader, everyone’s childhood dream, right? One allows you to live in the skin of the Batman as he patrols Gotham overrun by Arkham inmates, the other has you to dress up in gear with the Batman logo and shoot a lot of guns. You decide which is the truer representation.

Batman: Arkham City, the much anticipated sequel to Arkham Asylum drops on October 18th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. At Comic-Con a new trailer was released giving us a glimpse of more obstacles ahead for the Dark Knight. Clue, he was born on a Monday.

The Penguin looks creepy and Solomon Grundy will be a handful. But you’re Batman, you can totally handle it. Also joining Bats in the new game will be Talia Al Ghul, voiced by Stana Katic. Whether she’ll be friend or foe is unknown, but I’m sure she has plans for Batman. Plans that might not sit well with his other sometimes paramour, Catwoman. All I’m saying, is there should be an option for a one on one fight between Talia and Catwoman with Batman as the prize.

The second Batman game is probably the farthest thing from a Batman game. This is Gotham City Imposters. First off, you arm your character with guns, then team up and take down opposing factions in a multi-player death match. The two teams are the Batz and Jokerz and your customizable character will affiliate with one or the other. You’ll show off your team pride in an assortment of kitschy gear.

Imposters will be a downloadable game for XBLA and PSN and is set for a Holiday 2012 release. Which Bat-game are you most excited for? Clearly, Arkham City is the most faithful but I think Imposters looks fun. As long you join the Jokerz team, parading around as Batman with a gun feels wrong.

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