SDCC 2011: My Adventure Continues…Again, Day 3

WARNING: The first few paragraphs are of my wake up call this morning, not the Con itself…

Good Evening Bastards. Let’s get straight to my thrid day here at the Con, or should I say miserable hell hole…nah, it’s not that bad. I had the unpleasant pleasure of not waking up to my alarm this morning. Now, remember, I’m at a hostel…Just before 7am this morning I am woken out of my sleep by some bitch yelling and screaming. At first I think its coming from outside side my window since it is open and then my discombobulated self realizes it is coming from my hallway…Great…so I lay in bed wide awake as Luke snores straight through…Bastard. After about 3 minutes of non-stop screaming I think to myslef, 1. This chick is fucked up 2. She must have not gotten next years Con passes since they sold out at 5am this morning 3. I REALLY hate Luke for making me stay in this shit-hole and 4. Who the fuck is able to fight at 7 o’clock in the morning? Even I can’t do that.

So, against my better judgment I crawl out of bed and open my door. I stick my head out the door and peer down the hall to a group of black chicks looking back at me. Ok, enough of that…I pop myself back into my room really fast. Now, I’m not prejudiced in any sense but there are a couple things I know: 1. Don’t fuck with a black chick when she yelling at her man 2. Never approach a situation that is clearly out of control and 3. Stay away from ANYONE who has big enough balls to be yelling at 7am. So I call the front desk…ok, sure they are aware and someone has already been sent up and the situation is under control…Clearly not the case since she is still screaming 10 minutes later. In the end crisis averted and I now wake Luke’s ass up and have him escort me to the bathroom.

So now onto Comic Con. Once again I make Luke walk to the convention center. Little does he know this is my revenge for making me sleep at the hostel. We ask about 10 different staff members where we should be going and every single one of them gives us a different answer. This is probably my biggest pet-peeve about being here. NO ONE has a god damned clue what the hell is going on. Now, granted neither do I but it is NOT my job to know these things. Moving on…finally we discover that in oreder to get in line for Ballroom 20 we have to get into the convention center itself. The line is maved in and out around the side of the con-center and down the sidewalk. Fuck that, Luke cuts in line and I meet him a little further down to make it seem as though I was waiting for him. Good plan.

So in we go and now we have to go upstairs to get in line for Ballroom 20. Here’s how we got to the end of the line:

1. Walk past the Ballroom

2. Walk outside and pass by 5 tents

3. Walk down 1 flight of stairs

4. Walk past 4 tents

5. Walk down a 2nd flight of stairs

6. Walk around the corner and across the street

7. Walk down the sidewalk, past the marina and up to the boardwalk

Now we have walked a mile outside of the convention center. But luckily for us, there is another mile of people behind us 30 minutes later. We wait in line for roughly 3 hours trying to get into the panel for The Walking Dead. HA! We are just about to get INTO the Con-center and the time is now 11:15 and the panel has started. So, we were JUST about there and we get screwed in the end. Ok, out of line we get and happen to stumble upon the press room. We walk inside and ask soem chick what’s going on. Apparently William Shatner is coming in to discuss his documentary The Captains. SWEET!!! Looks like good karma came our way after all. We sit through the press conference, which was pretty awesome since it was my first press conference AND it was William Shatner!

Conference ends and now I’ve had it with Luke not knowing what the hell is going on. But I can’t blame the kid, it’s confusing, so I make the executive decision I’m going to walk the main floor with or with-out him. He follows me just like a well-trained pup…Good Boy. I scan the floor, take some pics of some cos-players, the floor, the booths and everything and anything else that peaks my interest. Oddly enough I find the “Toys” really neat and I’ve decided that when Luke is rich and famous I’m going to have action figures set up all around my house. Oh wait…Luke’s room is that way now….

We eventually make our way to Hall H and sit through a few panels waiting for the Sony Panel to get underway. First we listen to Attack the Block, directed by Joe Cornish and produced by Edgar Wright. Honest opinion, looks great, definitely a  movie I want to check out which stands for something since it takes a lot to catch my attention. Creepy old school monsters are my sort of thing, especially when it takes place in London.

Then we were treated to the Fright Night panel. It’s a remake of the 80’s cult classic and personally, looks totally ridiculous, but what the hell do I know.  But I got to see Collin Farrell, ass-crack and all…no joke! And I’m not a fan of crack but I would smoke his ANY day! Nom, nom, nom…..And Christopher Mintz-Plasse was there too, gotta love McLovin.

And FINALLY the Sony Panel gets underway. First off, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence. Confession here: I don’t know the slightest thing about Ghost Rider. However, I’m totally intrigued by it. And I’m not a Nicholas Cage fan either, but, this freakin movie looks incredible and I must see it, but probably only because the directors, Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are crazy…simply stated.

Next up, 30 Minutes or Less. Not gonna lie, did nothing for me. No plans on seeing it even though Jesse Eisenberg is in it and I kinda like him. Action-comedy about a pizza guy who ends up robbing  a bank. I really have nothing else to say….

On to Total Recall. LOVED IT! MUST SEE!!! Confession: I never saw the original. The director, Len Wiseman, showed us some choppy footage and I really like Jessica Biel, but more then that, Collin Farrel looks as though he can kick some serious ass! The preview really intrigued me and I can’t even imagine how amazing this movie is going to be based off of choppy footage.

And finally….drum roll please….The Amazing Spider-Man. First and foremost I am really excited to see how Andrew Garfield plays the character of Peter Parker. He is such a gentle soul and gave a really nice heartfelt speech before the panel began…as he was dressed in a Convience store Spidey costume, I’m not kidding, it was great. The 2 previews were pretty awesome and the villian, The Lizard, looks pretty damn cool. Although Luke thinks he looks like Killer Croc from Batman.

So that was my day. And if you have made it this far I thank you for reading my shit. I know it is not the typical NerdBastard stuff but I really wanted to bring you guys a full on first-timers, quasi-nerdy, approach to Comic Con. So I look forward to tomorrow night. I hope you do too.

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