While people have been excited to hear word from Marvel about Joss Whedon’s film The Avengers, the company has been pretty tight-lipped. With no panel presentation, people are having to settle for the post credit sequence in Captain America to glean any pertinent information about this upcoming film. Don’t worry though my little ‘nerdbastees the Marvel booth isn’t a complete fail!  If anything they are featuring Captain America’s “new” suit, which has slight modifications from the World War II era version and pieces of concept art that reveal Hawkeye’ outfit, along with images of Iron Man and Black Widow. I immediately make you aware, that Iron Man and Black Widow’s outfits do not differ from what they looked like in Iron Man 2. The concept art is astounding for all the characters and when finally released in its entirety, the concept art will make a large banner for ‘The Avengers’ which will be available on Marvel.com.

It may not seem like much, but it seems that The Avengers is trying to be as tight lipped about this film as DC is towards Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman film titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. I smell a competition a brewin’, and next summer’s box-office is going to be spectacular for these titans of the comic book industry!

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