WARNING: I’m gonna preface this post with another “I wasn’t prepared for Comic-Con” excuse.

Gawd! I knew SDCC was CRAZY, but I wish someone would have explicitly warned me at how fucking nuts it really is. Seriously, I had a whole agenda planned. Figured I would cover news and happenings every hour on the hour. You can read Mrs. Nerd Bastards Day 3 overview for the full run down, but I’ll simply say that Leonidas and the 300 (well, 299.) had it better. 90% of my day was wasted waiting in lines of 6000+ people , for hours on end (F U con veterans. I’m new to this). So much stuff I missed. I’m particularly sour at how I waited for 4 hours to see ‘The Walking Dead panel and didn’t get in. Argh! In addition, it’s not like I could just sit and write. 1. I had nothing to to write. I didn’t see shit. 2. If I did have something, like today’s Game of Thrones bit, every time I popped a squat and broke out the laptop the line would move… 5 feet. Stop and go. Eventually, I got the hang of things. Got my ass in Hall H and caught some big panels. Like, Dreamworks Fright Night remake and Sony’s presentation of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (which looks surprisingly good), 30 Minutes or Less (funny stuff), Total Recall remake (stupid that this got re imagined, but action scenes are eye catching) and The Amazing Spider-Man, one of the most anticipated panels.  I’m undecided on the latter, I was impressed with the footage, but with a remake coming only a few years off SM 3 it just sorta feels out of place, or something.

More on all that later.

Onto my belated recap of the Game of Thrones panel which took place in Ballroom 20 on Thurs from 3-4. Again, sorry for the delay, but I don’t got time for this shit.

Game of Thrones
should need no introduction as it’s on the pulse of pop culture right now, but I’m gonna tell you anyway. It’s HBO’s massively ambitious adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire novels. It tells the tale of Seven noble families fight for control of the mythical land of Westeros. Political and sexual intrigue is pervasive. It’s complex, multi-layered, surreal, vibrant and imaginative. Absolutely magnificent television. Superb!

Thus the reasons it was one of SDCC’s most anticipated panels. The fan following on it is HUGE!

In this panel, the cast, along with author George R.R. Martin reflect on the first season and share their infatuation for the beloved novels. They also field fan questions.

HIT THE JUMP for an entire, word-for-word (*note: It’s like 90%. I missed some shit) transcribe. Of course, I’m sure there is some video of the entire panel somewhere,  naturally rendering my work useless. Regardless, enjoy.

*Note: This is most def. my last word-for-word transcribe. I can’t keep up. I was trying to do these so that you could get the full experience with out actually being here, but I’ll need to cut to overviews. Sorry.

Auspicious author, the creator of Game of Thrones himself takes stage and treats us to a 10 minute video re-cap of season one.

Martin then ushers in the cast. He welcomes Nikolaj Coster-Waldau-Ser Jaime Lannister, Lena Headey– Cersei Lannister Peter Dinklage-Tyrion Lannister, Kit Harington– Jon Snow, Jason Momoa-Khal Drogo, Emilia Clarke– Daenerys Targaryen executive producer David Benioff and  writer D.B. Weiss.

George: So I have some questions for the crew here. Lets start with David and Dan. Lets talk about how this all started. What was your first introduction to the book? How did you get involved in this madness?

David B.: Well, it all started in your twisted brain. I am ashamed that 6 years ago I hadn’t heard about it, then it 2006 the first 4 books showed up on my door step, 5000 pages and I’m like WOW I dunno how I’m gonna get into this, but I remember the scene that did get me into it. When Bran gets pushed out the window and from that moment on I was completely hooked. I had the same experience so may readers have had where.. um it’s like crack on paper. You can’t stop.At the time people were talking about doing it as a movie and various people from movie studios would call and say “I’ve figured it out. I’ve cracked it. I know how to make this into a 2 an half hour movie”. A 2 and half hour PG 13 movie!

D.B. Weiss: We couldn’t understand that, so I distinctly remember calling you George and saying the only way we can see doing this is as an HBO series thinking you wouldn’t go for it. And, we got really lucky and you said yes.George: I think folks are gonna be really happy that we did go that way.

George to Emelia: Amelia this questions for you. Your story is quite the Cinderella story, like you came to this project right out of drama school. If you could go back in one of these many a Delorean time machines you see at one of these shows, and could go back years ago, what advice would you give yourself about what lies ahead of you?

Emelia: Oh my goodness, I would do EXACTLY the same thing? Um, yea I dunno what advice I’d give myself.

George: Does drama school prepare you for something like this?

Amelia: Noooo. No there were no dragons in drama school so.. Yea, the think that prepared me for this was Danny (here character) and falling in love with her and yea… the book drew amazing words to the amazing character she is.

George: Has the show changed your life? Or, are you being recognized?Emelia: No. The hair. The hair. People are like “who is this girl. What?” Though one person did recognize me and she gave me free frozen yogurt.

George to Lena. Lena this ones for you. You played a hero in the ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ and now you’re playing a character that many of these people hate. How is that different for you. How do you prepare for that as an actress?

Lena: Why it’s of fun trying to be a character that isn’t morally good. But, it’s kind of horrible when people come up to you and say “I HATE YOU”.

George: Do you like Cersei?

Lena: I love her. I think she’s misunderstood.

George: She’s loves her children.

Lena: She loves her children.

George to Nikolaj: This is your first Comic-Con, you told me. You’ve starred in ‘New Amsterdam’  and now in this. Are you a secret, super, science fiction/ fantasy geek?

Nikolaj: It’s not a secret. No. I’m a fan. This is ridiculous experience. I can’t feel my feet.

George. Over the years, as an actor, you’ve probably gotten many good and bad reviews as it usually goes, but did anything in the past prepare you for the intense internet discussion on your nose?

Nikolaj: I have a story. Years ago, in Iceland, I shot a movie and at the gaffe party -controls the lighting- came up to me, really drunk and said “I’ll tell yea… when I saw that nose I said shit… I’m in trouble”.

George to Jason Mamoa: I have to ask you this one. It’s a serious question. If you weren’t in the geek capital of the world here, there’s a question that’s on the mind of people here. Which is, who would win. Khal Drogo or Conan?

Jason: Well between you and me, Khal Drogo would kick Conan’s ass! Drogo would probably say something like…. *he shouts in unprepared, random Dothraki* (audience laughs there ass off). Something like that.

George: On a more serious note. We saw in the clip (overview clip shown earlier) we saw a scene where Drogo ripped out the throat of Mago. This is not actually in my books.

David B: I’m sorry about that George. It wasn’t our fault.

George: Who’s fault? It was an incredible moment. How did that scene come about?

Jason. I went to David Beniof. I finished Conan and I was like, I just chopped off a hundred peoples heads. Drogo is such a bad-ass and I just wanted to do one scene. I wanted him to do the most intimidating thing. Not even use a weapon. I had a dream that I wanted to just rip someones throat out. But yea, I just wanted to do something to show that he was the baddest man in the world. Sorry, about that you guys. I hope you like it. Don’t hate me.

George: I love that scene and I think everyone here does too.

George to Peter Dinklage: People always ask me “who’s your favorite character in the books” and my answer is always Tyrion. Many of the readers say he’s my favorite character too. But, what is it like to step into a situation where hundreds of thousands of people who love your character. Does that change your approach as an actor?

Peter: Ummmm… NO! I dunno if I even has an approach as an actor.  Everybody on this panel is faced with that. When we started this show. We had really big shows to fill. the character is liked a lot, but so is everybody else.. so I dunno. Yea… it’s terrifying.

George to Kit Harington: Umm, Kit. You realize your poster is going up on the bedrooms of thousands of teenage girls.

You’ve been working with animals a lot, I’ve noticed. With a puppet horse in ‘warhorse’ and with a dog  that plays Ghost on our show, which would you prefer, puppet wolves next season or did you like working with Ghost?

Kit: The thing about puppet horses is they do what they’re told. But no, I love my dog. I love Garrison, as he’s called. We got him very well, but just he didn’t do what he was told. Even when there was meat in my hand. Always wagging his tale with his tongue hanging out. Not looking threatening or silent at all. But, I think he did a fabulous job.

George. I asked Emelia this, but this has been quite a transformation for you too. Has the experience. Is your life changing as a result?

Kit: I got recognized getting coffee the other day. Buying a latte and I was recognized by someone and they… it’s more like he gave me a bizarre puzzled look. “I’m sure I know you from somewhere”. Every now and then I get the “Have you watched or read A Game of Thrones” and I’m say….well…actually, as it happens. But yea, it’s been remarkable. Been an amazing journey.

George: Lets hope it’s just beginning here.

George: I know a questions a lot of fans ask me. David and Dan, what can fans expect on the DVD/BluRay? Deleted scenes, extended scenes.

David: Unfortunately we really didn’t have deleted scenes. We pretty much used everything we shot. It was a very ambitious and challenging schedule. So as a result of that there weren’t a lot of things left on the cutting room floor. But, the DVD team is putting together a lot of amazing supplementary filled with art from Will Simpson. Who is our story board artist. He’s done some amazing work that’s gonna show up on the DVD that we’re really, really proud of.

D.B.: One of things, and I wish we had it here, was one of the first auditions of everyone here. We don’t have them here but if you could see what Momoa does. You should see him do… what’s it called… “The Haka”.

David: It’s the dance that won him the role. Oh, this is a time we should probably say thank you to the fans, because we were looking all over the world looking for Khal Drogo. Looking. Looking. We went onto to a few different threads where fans recognized the cultural of Westeros and someone suggested Jason Momoa. And, no offense to Jason but I hadn’t heard of you before that time.  Fan gave us a picture and we clicked on it and we thought “he looks Drogo-ee”. So he came in and read the scene. There’s no dance in the scene but Jason decided to show us how good he was. He was gonna do the “Haka” and just tore off his shirt.

George to Jason. Almost all of your dialogue was in a made up language. That must have been a real challenge for you?

Jason: Yes, that was very interesting. Actually,  I’m at the first table reading with 50 cast members and David and Dan pull me aside are like “oh we got this great idea. We want you to learn this language”. I was like that makes sense. That’s a good idea. Learning this language that was like German and Arabic, it came out sounding like Jaba the Hutt and I’m like “what the hell?” I’m like Fuzzie from the muppets saying “Waka, Waka”. But, all it took was a lot of Guinness and next thing you know. That’s all it takes, little Guinness.It was a true honor to learn to communicate like that. It was fun.

George: So was that your favorite scene. Your big speech in Dothraki?

Jason. YES! I mean George, in the book it was the greatest speech I ever heard and I was like… I have to have this role so I could just read that. Absolutely. That was it for me

.At this point George asks everyone what there favorite seen from the series was.  Nicolaj says pushing Bran and last seen with Caitlin. Kit says the seen with Arya and getting sweaty with Richard and Alfie. Lena says here favorites are still to come and her scene with Robert. Peter says the one at his trial. Emelia said last scene with dragons. David says Arya and Serio.

After this, George acknowledges all the people who aren’t on the panel. Actors and crew. He thanks them for their fabulous work.

Look, I’m gonna end it here. The fan Q&A came after. That’s just too much to transcribe. Stupid questions and a few good ones.There’s good stuff, but this post is already way too goddamn long and I’m tired. I’ll end it with an epic response from George when I fan asked why he kills off so many characters.

George: Well it keeps you on your toes. Now, you know I’ve always believed I want people emotionally involved in my story. And when there in a dangerous situation, like you would in life, I want the readers to turn the page not knowing good or bad, or who’s gonna die. I mean we all know books and movies where, the hero seems to be in a great deal of trouble but you know he’s gonna get out of it. After all he is the hero, or they are the heroes of this group. Those shows are fine, but they not really involve your emotions and that’s what I’m hoping for.

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