SDCC 2011: My Adventure Thus Far, Day 4

Warning: I can’t help but start these blogs with a story about the hostel. And I’m not making these up…I swear…

I’m sound asleep last night. Been in La-la land for about 3 hours. Two-thirty rolls around all hell breaks loose. No joke, I thoguht I was in the middle of a war zone. EXTREMELY loud alarms are blaring and storbe lights start going off everywhere. I literly jump out of bed not knowing what the hell is going on. After a few seconds I realize the fire alarm is going off…great…now I might just die in theis damn place. So into the hallway I go. No one is even budging out of their rooms. Two guys eventually stick their heads out, relaize no one is going anywhere, and disappear back into their rooms. So, I call the fornt desk (this seems lik a daily occurance). I ask the broad who answers if we have to leave our rooms. She says no, the fire department needs to re-set the alarm. Ok, great…I can go back to bed….ya right! With the disco party that has invaded my room. And Luke’s just sitting on the bed laughing his ass off at me. God, I really hate him…..

Now the Comic-Con day can begin. 7am, get ready and head down to the conventon center. Go walk my ass out to east ass yet again, to get in line for Ballroom 20. This time, I KNOW Iwill be getting in…and I do, YES!!! And I totally get a FREE “Chuck” T-shirt. I sit through most of the Chuck panel, and let me just say, I have never seen a single episode of this show. I never even knew what it was about until today. And after Zachary Levi (Chuck) gave an extremely heartfelt thank you to the fans, standing ovation included, I decided I now must see this show.

Next came Terra Nova. H…O…L….Y….S…H….I….T…..I was completely blown away. I don’t think I have ever been so excited (except for Game of Thrones) for a new show to be starting. We got to watch the whole pilot episode. Quick run-down: Cop in future. World in ruins. Hiding third child from police. Police find out. Send him to jail. He escapes just in time to join his family (and hidden thrid child) in jumping through a time continum of some sort into a world now filled with dinosaurs. Ends up becoming a cop in that world and has just been introduced to the Sixes, the bad guys. It’s a lot better then it sounds….I promise.

Here’s the next hour: left Ballroom, went to Marriott to pick up purchased toys and free swag, tried to get into Being Human panel but failed miserably…line fucking ridiculous…onto Hall H.

Now we’re in Hall H where we shall remain for the rest fo the day….ughhh.

1st panel: Caught the tail end of Immortals…shoot me now…saw a clip (oh wait, saw the clip twice) and it is exactly what you may think it is. 300 meets Clash of the Titans…only worse. Don’t bother.

2nd panel: Knights of Badassdom…why the fuck is Luke torturing me so? My opinion, sucks, not interested, stupid. Luke’s reaction though: disappointed, considering the cast and premise. Saw a couple clips…yuck.

3rd panle: Snow White and the Huntsman. Poor Kristen Stewart took a verbal beat down from Charlize Theron, I actually felt bad for her. Poor girl looked so awkward and completely separated from the rest of the cast. Movie itself looks ok, the director put a quick thing together (they have NOT started filming yet), so it’s hard to say if it’s going to be good or not.

4th panel: Dorothy of OZ. Upcoming animated musical. And not your tpical Wizard of OZ either, it has been somewhat modified to deal with current day. Interesting concept, not sure how it’s going to do. Cute for kids though….

5th panel: An Early Evening with Kevin Smith…woo hoo! I’ve seen him quite a few times and it never gets old. I am so amazed at how this guy never shuts up, no joke. He can talk about everything and everything and turn a one word response into a 20 minute story. Unbelieveable. But the guy is definately interesting to listen to. And he showed us a 5 minute clip from Red State, oh yes he did! It seemed interesting enough since it’s a movie unlike anything  else he has ever done. But at the same time, John Goodman is completely…well, wierd…in this movie from what I saw. Humor was thrown in where I don’t think it should have been but what the hell do I know? He is Kevin Smith after all and I’m a no name chick.

After that we tried to get in to see the Mythbusters but that didn;t work out the way he had hoped. Oh well, we went to eat instead…Luke was cranky, I needed to fill his tummy with yummy nom-noms. Then off to our lovely hostel to pack up. So sad tomrrow is the last day of the Con but I have NEVER been happier go leave such a disgusting sty of a “hotel.” Thanks to Luke and his cheap ass…..

Until tomorrow dear readers…It’s been a pleasure.

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