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This week’s edition: Creepy weird Batman and Superman statues, Terminator meets Toy Story, Steampunk Mac, Wonder Woman bathing suit, Super heroes need a shrink, Riddick 3 concept art, Two The Dark Knight Rises trailer parodies, Batman movie trifecta poster, 10 Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Ruined The Film, Achievement Unlocked, 10 Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Ruined The Film, Achievement Unlocked, Adam WarRock’s Browncoat’s Mixtape, Mordor – happiest place on Middle Earth, Iron Man arc reactor t-shirt, Spock in 13,824 LEGOs, 8-bit sand castle, R2-D2 lunchbox, What’s it like to date, Vader?, Harry Potter album covers, guillotine slinghot, the iron pedi-cab, Sam Eagle is Captain America, Lucas Lee is Captain America, Samus plays the Metroid theme on violin, Shatner leads Comic-Con in “KHAAAAAAAN!”


So, this is a real statue in Rome. Maybe this is commemorating when Clark revealed his secret identity to Batman. And Batman’s all like, “I already knew, bro, I’m Batman.” Either way, this is awesome, I wonder what other odd super hero statues are hidden around Europe. Is there a Batman and Robin, Jason Todd, pieta? (GeekTyrant)


The secret of toys revealed. They’ve been sent back in time to kill Andy in order to stop the revolution. Seriously, if this is Toy Story 4, I’m down. (TDW: Geeks)


As I’ve said before, everything needs a steampunk version. What everything really needs, a working steampunk version.
The device runs OS 7.5 and uses a Morse code telegraph key as a mouse. It can connect to the internet using a 56k modem encased in old telephone parts.
This steampunk Mac is on display at an Apple store in Oregon. (TDW: Geeks)


Every woman wants to feel strong, beautiful and sexy at the beach. What better way than with a W0nder Woman bathing suit? You can have some custom one custom made from esty seller, meshalo for only $80. Come on, guys, buy one for the Wonder Woman in your life. (FashionablyGeek)


Where do the super heroes goes when they need to discuss their issues? Dr. Ted. In a new 6-part web series on Crackle.

Issues is a 6-part animated comedy series that chronicles the life and times of Dr. Ted, a young psychologist hellbent on making a difference in the world. His childhood dream was to offer his psychological expertise to the world’s superheroes; but when his dream comes true, the mindless neuroses of the world’s superheroes slowly turn every session into a constant reminder of just how un-super Ted really is amongst gods in spandex.



Concept art for Riddick 3. Is it happening, who knows, but at least we benefit from seeing some kick-ass art. Make sure to click to embiggen. (/Film)


Re-imagine The Dark Knight Rises in the style of Batman: The Animated Series. Genius! Who wouldn’t prefer Kevin Conroy’s, “I am vengeance! I am the night! I am Batman!” over Christian Bale’s grumbling “I’m Batman.” (TDW: Geeks)


I know, you’d think it wouldn’t be possible to find an even better The Dark Knight Rises parody trailer. But if  I tell you it’s the same guys behind the ‘I’m a Marvel, and I’m a DC’ videos, yeah, now you know it’s gonna be fuckin’ hysterical. (TheMarySue)


Though Comic-Con was the event this weekend, The Dark Knight Rises still had tons of attention, without even being there! Example, this fantastic fan-made poster. (NerdApproved)


Delete scenes are probably the best thing about DVD/Bluray extras. Well, maybe that’s bloopers, but whatever, deleted scenes are cool. Sometimes they enhance the film and you find yourself scratching your head as to why it was deleted? Others…not so much. Here’s Cracked.com‘s 10 Deleted Scenes That Would’ve Ruined The Film.


I guarantee this will be an achievement I will not unlock today. It’ll be too fuckin’ hot. But you might not live in the pit of hell, so maybe you deserve this shirt. Pick it up at Split Reason. And hell, why you’re there get yourself a Nerd Bastards tee, it’s for charity, dude. (TDW: Geeks)


Let’s see, you love Firefly. You might love rap. At least I’m sure you’ll love rap when it’s about Firefly instead of drugs and hookers. This Adam WarRock’s Browncoat’s Mixtape.(ComicsAlliance)


Yes, you do not simply walk in. You pay for an over-priced ticket to enjoy the “happiest” volcano in Middle Earth. (TDW: Geeks)


Your Iron Man cosplay just got this much simpler. It’s an Iron Man arc reactor t-shirt, hells yeah. (FashionablyGeek)


It’s Spock in 13,824 LEGOs. Apparently, it was an anniversary gift for some dude’s wife, to which I say, well played, sir. (io9)


An incredible 8-bit sand castle. How many points of awesome must you have to create this? (TDW: Geek)


Not only is this R2-D2 lunchbox amazing looking but it also makes noises and lights up! You will be the coolest kid at the lunch table. (That’sNerdalicious)


Ever wanted to know what’s it’s like to date the Dark Lord of the Sith? Caprica‘s Alessandra Torresani will tell you her tale. (TDW: Geek)


Would you like to see more album covers mocked up with Harry Potter characters, of course you do. Check ’em all out here. (TDW: Geek)


From the dude who made the awesome machete throwing slingshot comes a guillotine slingshot. Almost makes you yearn for a zombie outbreak just to use it. Almost. (NerdApproved)


So yes, Comic-Con was this weekend and the pedi-cabs are a convenient  and awesome way to travel around. In this Iron Throne you’d be a king! Please watch out for the swords forged by dragon fire. They’re sharp. (TDW: Geek)


Sometimes I wonder if The Muppets movie is going too far with the whole, “let’s parody every other movie.” But then I’m like no, this is awesome. (GeekTyrant)


Okay, I thought The Muppets parody was good, but this is great! (@Geektress)


Remember in a previous Nerdy Bits when this chick dressed up as the Pink Ranger from The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and played the theme on violin. Well this time it’s the same thing but relace Samus for the Pink Ranger and Metroid for The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I want more, she better be making this, like, a thing. (TDW: Geek)


Just to add to how awesome William Shatner is, at Comic-Con this weekend he led a room of 3,000 people in a 30 second yell of, “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!” (TDW: Geek)

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