Sunday was the final day of San Diego ComicCon International 2011, and between all the ranting against DC’s “New 52” relaunch and a Glee panel (What the hell? This is ComicCon, you idiots! Jane Lynch can stay, the rest of you get the hell out!), something important actually happened: we got to see the first clips from Doctor Who‘s fall episodes.

The Series Six, Part 2 trailer released by the BBC was only a minute long, but in true Doctor Who fashion it packed in all manner of awesomeness. Lots of Nazis, including Hitler himself, turned up in what are presumably clips from the fall premiere, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” along with Churchill toting a gun and some other 1940s badassery. Then we get to the really good stuff.

First, you’ve got The Doctor proclaiming he’s going to die, and someone bringing up that crazy Impossible Astronaut from the spring episodes. Chase that with Amy wielding swords, Rory riding a motorcycle, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, something that looks like a Minotaur on meth, the return of Craig from the season five episode “The Lodger” and River Song rocking an eye patch. Oh, and the creepy silence show up too. And in a further display of fashionable daring, The Doctor goes and turns up in a top hat (top hats are cool).

We’ll have to wait until September to see what all this madness is about, but Steven Moffat and crew have certainly been up to their usual tricks. Check it out:

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