AMC’s Breaking Bad just kicked back up again. What season is it in now…. 3… 4? I dunno, I stopped watching after season 2. Not because it isn’t the best serialized drama in the history of television, which IT IS. Truth is, I have a very bad addiction to porn. My frequent fapping interrupts my DVR viewing. It’s rather sad. *violin plays*. I’d so rather be watching a high school chemistry teacher “break bad” by teaming up with a former student to make and sell Meth to the masses. Alas, titties are my kryptonite.

Anyway, for your veteran BB fans, have you ever noticed how Walter White behaves like another elementary astute, forerunner of facts…… Bill Bye ‘The Science Guy’? Yea… I never made the comparison either, but this video from CollegeHumor certainly does. Walter is always regurgitating some science to Jesse (his protegee) , explaining to his dumb head how and why shit works. “Painfully descriptive”.

Bah, enough of my ramble. Breaking Bad and Bill Nye. It’s a winning combination. Watch NOW!

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