Welcome to another edition of DVD Tuesday, where we break down the latest and greatest (and not-so-greatest) in geek DVD release for your viewing pleasure. What’s that you say? It’s Wednesday? Well, in the NerdBastards universe, it’s whatever day we want it to be, so you’ll read DVD Tuesday and like it! (But seriously, I had a cold and I didn’t feel like doing this yesterday; deal with it.)


Source Code

A helicopter pilot (Jake Gyllenhaal) recruited for a top-secret military operation finds himself on a startlingly different kind of mission in Source Code, a smart, fast-paced action thriller that challenges our assumptions about time and space. Filled with mind-boggling twists and heart-pounding suspense, Source Code is directed by Duncan Jones (Moon).

One of the most critically acclaimed sci-fi pieces of the year makes it way to DVD this week. More than a few geeks have declared it Jake Gyllenhaal’s triumphant return to geekdom after the modern classic Donnie Darko made him a star, and director Duncan Jones proves that he can handle crazy, time travel-based action.

Animal House Blu-Ray

Starring comedy legend John Belushi National Lampoon’s Animal House is the ultimate college movie filled with food fights fraternities and toga parties! Follow the uproarious escapades of the Delta House fraternity as they take on Dean Wormer (John Vernon) the sanctimonious Omegas and the entire female student body. Directed by John Landis (The Blues Brothers) the most popular college comedy of all-time also stars Tim Matheson Donald Sutherland Karen Allen Kevin Bacon Tom Hulce and Stephe Furst along with Otis Day and the Knights performing their show-stopping rendition of ‘Shout’.

John Belushi crushing cans on his head, a giant food fight in a college dining hall, Donald Sutherland’s ass and a toga party…in blistering high definition. Yes, I know you’ve seen Animal House 800 times already, but this is Blu-Ray. It’s time to kick that party up a notch.


Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe

Bruce Campbell stars in this explosive feature-length adventure from the secret files of Burn Notice! On his final mission as a Navy Seal Commander Sam Axe (Campbell) is sent deep into the jungles of South America where a deadly terrorist organization threatens innocent lives. But when Sam discovers that he is merely a pawn in a far-reaching and diabolical plot he must fight to stay alive long enough to stop the real terroristsat any cost. Packed with gritty thrills and wry humor this never-before-seen extended cut of The Fall of Sam Axe is action on the cutting edge!

Fans of the hit USA series will want this for the Burn Notice tie-in, but there’s something more important at work here: BRUCE! Yes, the immortal Chin stars in his very own spin-off prequel flick. There’s not chainsaw wedge atop his arm stump, but we can forgive that in favor of a South American adventure.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Paranormal investigator Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) unearths secrets about the undead in New Orleans with the help of his sidekick, zombie Marcus (Sam Huntington), in this supernatural mystery based on the internationally best-selling Italian comic book series. Directed by Kevin Munroe, the film features Taye Diggs as Vargas, the head of the vampire family, and Anita Briem as Dog’s love interest, Elizabeth.

Brandon Routh returns to comic book adaptations with this horror comedy that looks a bit like a cross between Re-Animator and Hellboy, but not as good as either of them. You might be able to watch it because it’s fun, but you might also be able to watch it because you and your friends can make it funnier with snide comments.

Supernatural: The Anime Series

Based on the spooky “Supernatural” live-action series, this anime version of the show charts the journey of the Winchester brothers, Dean and Sam, whose father educated them in detecting and battling demons — before he mysteriously disappeared.

I’ve never really understood this need to create anime adaptations of live action things, but this week Supernatural joins the fray. If you’re really hungry for even more rugged young men running around fighting monsters, but you want it in animated form this time, I guess you could pick this up.


Dante’s Peak Blu-Ray

Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton star in Dante’s Peak, an action-packed story about the incomparable power of nature and mankind’s unending will to survive. When unusual seismic activity is detected in the charming little Pacific Northwest town of Dante’s Peak U.S. Geological Survey volcanologist Harry Dalton (Brosnan) is called in to investigate. Certain that a long-dormant volcano is set to erupt and the townspeople are in danger he convinces Mayor Rachel Wando (Hamilton) to take action. Now the race is on to evacuate the town before it’s too late in this gripping adventure that’s filled with adrenaline-fueled action and spectacular special effects!

Yes, we all love Pierce Brosnan. Yes, we all love watching him running around trying to save everyone from a volcano. But do we really need it in high definition? Probably not.

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