Frank Darabont Bids Adieu to ‘The Walking Dead ‘

With everyone all pumped up for the Walking Dead, after Comic Con’s release of the Season 2 teaser trailer, you’d expect everything to go according to plan. That is not the case. Frank Darabont pulled the rug out from all the fans with today’s announcement that he would be stepping down from his position as writer/producer/ director of the show for this season.  Deadline and EW report that even though he is stepping down from his position, he’ll still work for the show in some capacity.

Slashfilm states that the reported reason for Darabont’s sudden leave was due to:

“never quite [getting] the hang of working in the fast pace of TV production versus feature film production.”

After such a captivating and well executed first season, it is sad to see him go. To each their own I guess. If you are concerned that this suddent split means that the show’s release will get pushed back, be at ease. Deadline reports that:

“this will not affect production of the show, which will continue as previously scheduled, right up until the planned premiere on October 16.”


For all of those who missed it,take a look at the Season 2 teaser trailer, and tell us what you  think of the split? Will this be a good or bad thing for this fledgling zombie drama in the long run?


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