Marvel and DC. Two heavy hitters, both with special summer events leading into bigger story lines. But, one of them is playing dirty.

For those of you that don’t know what’s going on. Comic book companies publish a huge story arc, known as an “Event”, which spreads out among multiple books and characters. This basically ass fucks your wallet. You wanna keep up with the whole story? Well you gotta pay! PAY!

For Marvel, it’s their Fear Itself series.  On the other side of the super here tracks is DC, who are banking on their Flashpoint story arc. Well, Marvel is being a bully. For every 50 copies of any of the Flashpoint #1’s that retailers rip the cover from, Marvel will send them a rare, variant cover of Fear Itself #6, which can be sold at a higher price.. What…the…fuck!

Fear Itself #2 has already sold more copies than Flashpoint #1. Marvel has already showed it has the stronger of the summer series. Asking people to do this unnecessary destruction is just rubbing salt in the wound. Not only is it a kick in the proverbial balls, but they could very well be pissing on the future of the DCU. Flashpoint is meant to be the lead-in for DC’s new 52 series, relaunching almost every hero and villain the their library. It’s also the beginning of DC’s initiative to sell digital copies of issues on the same day of the print release.

Is it unethical? No, not really. Just a competitive business decision from the higher ups. Douchey on the other hand? Yes.

What do you think? Is this an unfair move from a company already on top?

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