Big, shocking news broke late last night/early today that Frank Darabont would no longer be the showrunner for AMC‘s The Walking Dead. Many were shocked, dismayed, maybe even a little frightened about what would happen to our beloved zombie apocalyptic drama. Well, breaking now, we’ve learned Glen Mazzara will take the reins from now own.

Mazarra wrote last season’s penultimate episode, “Wildfire” and was brought on to the show as a second-in-command in February. Making this move look just a little planned.

I feel those over at Vulture summed it up best,

So just to recap: First, The Walking Dead became the most successful show in AMC’s history, then executive producer Frank Darabont basically fired all the writers, then he decided to hire Mazzara, and then he decided to bow out as showrunner. For a show that’s only aired six episodes, that’s a lot of musical chairs.

Indeed. Will the quality program we fell in love with return to us unharmed in October!? Oh, nerds, together, let us pray.

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