Arkham City is still about three months away but our nerdy excitement is ready to explode! Particularly because Rocksteady is so damn good at viral marketing. Everywhere you turn there’s another snippet or sneak peak of the upcoming sequel.

Do you remember in Arkham Asylum, all the audio tapes of inmate interviews scattered around? They were creepy, interesting insights in to the minds of Arkham’s sociopaths. This time around they’ve been leaking these interviews at conventions and making them available to those clever enough to decipher riddles left by you know who in the game trailers. But we’re not that smart, we’re freakin’ lazy gamers. That’s why we’ve collected all the leaked audio tapes here for you! Aren’t we grand?

Making these interviews extra special, and frightening, is Dr. Hugo Strange, a man insane enough he might as well be a patient himself. Below is his interview with the Joker (voiced again, marvelously, by Mark Hamill) and beyond the cut are interviews with Two-Face, Catwoman, Riddler and the Penguin.

Give ’em a listen and tell us, just how excited are your for Arkham City? Like on a scale from one to ten? I’m at eleven.

source: GeekTyrant

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