“What!?!” There’s a Doctor Who Bar?

Bartender, I’ll take a Sonic Screwdriver…

Oi! There’s a Doctor Who themed bar (with a prevalent steam punk influence) in Brooklyn. It’s called the Way Station. As if I need more reasons to find my way to New York, the bar features viewings of new and classic Who episodes on Sundays and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Mondays. The drink menu includes Gallifreyan cocktails. Oh, and the bathroom is a TARDIS.

I’m totally stealing this joke from a commenter on ToplessRobot, but I want to go to this place!! If nothing else, but for the opportunity to put “for a good time, call Jack Harkness at….” message in both the men’s and ladies rooms.

If we ever have a NB meet up in New York (maybe for NY Comic-Con) This is so the place.

Source: ToplessRobot Via Girls Gone Geek.

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