HBO has made quite the fuckin’ commitment to Game of Thrones, and has decided to continue with the show as long as George R. R. Martin, the writer of the books upon which the TV series is based, keeps writing. Basically, what they mean is that they’ll keep the show going until the guy croaks (y’know, like, 2 years from now). Unless he’s somehow able to write from beyond the grave, which is entirely possible considering how damn prolific he is, ’cause in that case the show will just never fuckin’ end. And because Martin’s satisfied with HBO’s adaptation of his works, he’ll probably just pull a Professor Binns and continue to write ’til infinity. No big deal.

According to Richard Pepler, the co-president of HBO:

The truth is when you see how thrilled he is with the production, we know we’ve succeeded partially by his satisfaction. We told George we’d go as long as he kept writing.

So, prepare to hunker down for a few more years of Game of Thrones on HBO — y’all better get your jack off stations ready!

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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