Oh, don’t we all, Matthew. Nothing would be better than a big, multi-Doctor crossover to celebrate the longest running sci-fi television series. The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who will arrive in 2013 and there is already lots of talk about the celebrations, though nothing official. John Barrowman wants to play Captain Jack for the the 50th and Christopher Eccleston has already refused to come back.

In a recent interview at Comic-Con (which I believe was the Nerdist podcast, at least they talked about the same thing), Smith chatted excitedly about what how would love to see former Doctors in the 50th anniversary,

I’d love for it to happen. How amazing would it be to see Tom Baker?! Can you imagine just seeing him back in the scarf, man? That would be amazing! So cool! And Paul McGann is a great actor, man, and a great Doctor. I say bring back Chris [Eccleston] and Dave [Tennant], too! How many Doctors can we get into one story?! Imagine if there were five or six of us in one ep and we could all just look at each other and judge each other.

Peter Davison has already returned to the Tardis in the charity short, “Time Crash”, with David Tennant. Which is some sort of mind fuckery now the two are connected through marriage. Tennant married Davison’s daughter, Georgia Moffat (who played the Doctor’s daughter in “The Doctor’s Daughter”) and the two have a daughter. Ahh! BRAIN MELT!

Anyway, if the previous Doctors were to return they’d either need to write up an explanation for why so many of them are now old and fat or use some fancy CGI jiggery-pokery. Except for maybe McGann, I figure he looks mostly the same as in his 1998 Doctor Who movie. And wouldn’t it be fantastic to give him another shot at visually playing the Doctor. He’s proven his Doctor was never given a fair shake with his work in the Big Finish audio dramas (they’re phenomenal, check ’em out), I’d love to see him interact with Smith, too.

Karen Gillan also mentioned, “I’d love to crossover Doctor Who with Star Trek: TNG! I was so excited to meet Brett Spiner!” Which is why I believe these quotes come from the Comic-Con Nerdist podcast as Wil Wheaton was also a guest and Star Trek: TNG came up a lot. Surprise. But Brent Spiner on Doctor Who? Awesomesauce.

What do you think the BBC should do for the big 50th anniversary of Doctor Who? A favorite Doctor you’d love to come back?

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