Yet another casting rumor for HBO‘s Game of Thrones has been confirmed, with filming on the second season starting now this is hopefully the last of their big casting announcements with most of the major roles filled. What we’ve learned is Gemma Whelan (Gulliver’s Travels, The Wolfman) will be playing Theon’s sister, Asha Greyjoy. Err…wait no, she’ll be playing Yara Greyjoy, who is still Theon’s sister and resides back home on the Iron Islands, but her name has been changed to protect the innocent. Wait, wrong, her name has been changed to limit the confusion between her and the wildling woman, Osha, introduced late last season. Yeah, I’m not confused at all.

As a fan of the book series the name change is ridiculous, I mean, I guess I don’t really care, but what is the internet for other than griping about how insignificant shit pisses you off, right? First off, Asha Greyjoy is a feisty woman who sees her self as heir to the Seastone Chair and ruler of the Iron Islands. Her brother, Theon is in her eyes is nothing more than a wolfie-wannabe since he’s been a ward of Ned Stark for most of his “adult” life. He’s spent years of his life away from the Iron Islands and Asha is clearly more of a son to Balon Greyjoy than Theon ever was. Now, besides their similar sounding names, does HBO really think their audience couldn’t distinguish between the badass Asha, also captain of her own ship, and the wildling woman we’ll hear less and less of as the series continues named Osha? Come on, HBO, if this was such an issue why not change Osha’s name!? I’m sure most people who are only fans of the television series, assuming they’re even still reading this rant, don’t even recall who the hell Osha is! But believe me, they’ll remember Asha. Or I guess, Yara, now.

Anyway, moving on from my silly gripes, besides the news of Whelan being cast (a marvelous choice, no matter what her name) there is also going to be a comic book series based on A Game of Thrones, the book not the show. The comic will be penned by Daniel Abraham with art from Tommy Patterson. And while the television series was amazingly faithful to its source material the comic is said to be even more faithful! Y’know, all this stressing of faithful adaptations is cool and all, but it really makes me want to just whack people upside the head with the original books. You want the original books, read the damn books then! Sheesh.

The series will run for 24 issues and each issue is 29 pages, making the comic book and the novels almost the same in length. Below the cut you can check out a preview of the artwork. It’s beautiful! Also, mostly spoiler free.

Excited for season two to begin filming? I am, maybe soon we’ll see some photos leaked from the set. And are you gonna pick up the Game of Thrones comic as a monthly issue or wait for the trade?

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