The Interwebz is a great place for artists to share their nerdy work, even though the majority of the time it’s a bunch of fuckin’ weird shit. There are a ton of awesome things to behold every day but we’re fuckin’ lazy bastards, so we just put it all together once a week to keep your mojos happy. Even from the other side of the world!

This Vincent Van Gogh inspired Dark Knight piece by James Hance is called The Dark (Starry) Knight. It’s pretty awesome, although it’s not the first bit of artwork exploring this same idea. (EDIT: Apparently Hance’s work did come first!)

More below!

The Harry Potter characters reenvisioned as Disney characters, thanks to Makani. Honestly, I liked the anime version better.

This is what Assassin’s Creed would have looked like had it been released in the early ’90s, back in the 8-bit days. Credit goes to Balázs of the Majami Hiroz Show.

Ya gotta love yourself some Doctor Who graffiti! I haven’t seen any nerdy graffiti, myself, but I’m tempted to scour the city for that shit now. Anyway, there’s a whole compilation of Who graffiti pictures here, thanks to various people on flickr.

Loopy Dave is the genius behind this piece depicting Ms. Piggy and a Gamorrean guard from Star Wars actually having a good time at the bar. $10 says he nails her within the hour.

We’ve got a bunch of stylized pin-up art of various geeky chicks, thanks to Geneviève Farley! For some reason, Sookie Stackhouse is included in this mix. Who knows why. But Quorra is definitely a nice asset. (*nudgenudge* See what I did thar?)

This 1950’s-style poster for Cowboys & Aliens was made by Hopko Designs.

I haven’t yet seen Attack of the Block, though in Canada that means something entirely different from what this fan poster depicts. It does look like fun, though. Credit goes to James Stayte.

Christiana Jackson‘s got a bunch of minimalist posters of fairy tales, and they’re actually pretty good; it takes quite a bit of creativity to be able to succinctly sum up the core of a story in one simple image.

Propaganda posters for social networking sites! It was bound to happen. This one goes to Aaron Wood.

This Alice in Wonderland piece by Ryota H. is called Alice In Xxxxxxxland. Is the artist particular about the number of x’s in the title? Who knows, but it’s epic.

This is fuckin’ disgusting, but definitely deserves a mention. Augustina Woodgate made two 4’6″ tall castles using blocks of human hair. Ugh.

This drawing is of an Action Man action figure from the ’60s, by Marc Laming.

Artist Brad Wright calls this pretty damn cool Evangelion fan art piece Eva Unit 11.

This awesome little fan piece of The Rocketeer was done by DeviantART artist kizer180.

Til next week!

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