Many of you might be thinking, “Huh? Who? Wha–?” Well, if you weren’t checking out Hot Topic on a regular basis circa 1999 (which, I totally was, sorry) then you might not know the young goth, Emily the Strange. She began as sticker created by skater, Rob Reger and then grew into a brand all her own; always seen sportin’ a stylish black dress and commonly accompanied by her cats, Sabbath, Nee-Chee, Miles and Mystery. Soon, Emily was appearing on t-shirts, school supplies, posters, you name it. Whatever her parent company, Cosmic Debris, could slap her bored, gothy face on.

Eventually, the Emily the Strange-phenomena birthed a comic book series from Dark Horse Comics and a young adult book series from Harper Collins. Emily had made it big, she even has own retail stores in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Greece! The only thing left is a feature film, which, luckily for her, she’s getting.

Back in 2008 the rumors began of an Emily the Strange movie from Universal and it even snagged Kick AssChloe Moretz for the starring role. Today it was announced Melisa Wallack (Snow White, note, not Snow White and the Hunstman) has been picked to write the screenplay. No plot details have been revealed but the rumor is it’ll deal with, “how she came to gain her abilities that fuse technology and imagination.” Abilities? Technology? Imagination? Obviously, Emily has grown a lot since I was buying her t-shirts proclaiming how everything is boring. (Really, was I a little dark poser as a kid, or what!?)

I haven’t read any of the comics or novels that expand upon her character so insight from fans would be appreciated, but is a movie based off a sticker really gonna fly?

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