Are you a fan of the Final Destination franchise and Saved by the Bell? Then this video is for you. If not and you hate both franchises, you’ll also love this video. You can savor the sweet taste of your favorite Saved by the Bell episodes while enjoying the savage deaths of the characters you really didn’t like back then.

Don’t try and play it off like, “Oh, I never watched Saved by the Bell. I was to cool for that.” You know you ran home after school each day to watch; wondering what trouble Zach would get into that week, laughing at Screech and then crying a little when you realized that he was most likely the character you would play if Saved by the Bell came to your high school, then rubbed one out while watching Kelly, Jessie, and Lisa do aerobics. We all did.

The bubble gum music, and the dead on Saved by the Bell scenes are pretty damn funny. Miles Fisher and the gang from Final Destination really nailed it with this one. Why couldn’t the Saved by the Bell reunion be like this?

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