In a recent interview with io9, Zachary Quinto chatted about his thoughts of the Star Trek sequel (No, he doesn’t have any secret, spoilery knowledge; he’s just as in the dark as we are) as well as how Spock will need to fulfill his duty and help populate the Vulcan race. Ooh, yeah. Bom chicka wah wah.

Would Mr. Spock feel it logical to begin a family with a human now that Vulcans are an endangered species? Will we not get the hook up scene with Zoe Saldana fans are craving!?

Where do you think your character is in the second film, where do you think his character journey is going?

I wonder about that. I would imagine (this is just speculative), his planet’s been destroyed, he feels a real imperative to rebuild his race. But he’s in love with a human. There’s probably some potential conflict in that dynamic, I would not be surprised, and I would be intrigued and excited by that if that were the case. Again, I have such implicit trust in all of those guys: Damon, Bob and Alex, and J.J. I feel like they’re going to take us where we need to go. And we’re going to follow them whole-heartedly.

Come on, Quinto. We want the dirty details! At least it’s safe to say Saldana will be in Star Trek 2, no fear, her and her mini skirt will still have plenty of screen time.

Do you think they’ll keep the romance story alive with you, and do you want them to?

I do think [so]. I don’t see how they could just drop it. It may be fraught, I don’t know!

Well in Aliens 3 they just killed Michael Biehn off. Crazier things have happened.

What, are they going to kill me or Zoey?

No we just mean, things can change between movies…

Things can change but nobody is getting rid of Zoe Saldana, that’s for sure. So I guess I had better be afraid.

Somehow, and I’m just speculating here, but I’m pretty sure they won’t be killing off Quinto, either. He’s important to that whole, plot thing. Besides, if they kill him off he can be resurrected with a genesis device and a saved katra, as long as Karl Urban is as obligining as DeForest Kelley. I’ve seen it done before.

Anywho, hit the jump for more remarks from Quinto about what’s he most excited for in Star Trek 2, besides shacking up, Pon Farr style.

Where is Spock now? He’s one of the last few Vulcans

He’s not the only Vulcan, I think I said, “Of my planet’s nearly 6 billion inhabitants, approximately 10,000 have survived.” He’s not the only one. But the odds aren’t great. He has a bit of a cultural imperative to [help].

Would Spock really seek out more Vulcans, especially since he turned his back on their culture previously?

He turned his back by choosing not to go to the Vulcan Science Academy, but his culture has always been a very important part of who he is. It’s an integral part of his internal fabric. I think if he’s wrestling with feelings of guilt for having sort of embraced his humanity, then an event like this is the great equalizer, it levels the playing field. I don’t think he’s going to spend too much time feeling guilty. I think he’s going to spend a lot more time doing the logical thing. Which is to help repopulate, help support, and help rebuild the race of people. His father was full full Vulcan, and he has a responsibility there, and he loves his father very much. I don’t think he’s that torn about it. I think he’s done the best he can to straddle a really complicated circumstance.

What other questions do you have about the next film? What are you excited for?

I’m interested to see what the villain situation is. What are we fighting against, what is our mission? That’s going to be really cool for me. I’m really excited to see the direction in which they take my character in general. I’m excited to see when this movie takes place, in juxtaposition to when we ended the first one. Where do we pick back up? What’s happened to the characters since then? My sense is what’s the dynamic like between Kirk and Spock? Is it all smooth sailing? I imagine that they’re both so strongly willed, that there will be some continued friction… I’m just excited to read it and shoot it.

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