After the reveal of the hotly anticipated Catwoman costume, which sadly was a bit disappointing, we can now share footage of Catwoman in action. Well, footage of her stunt double in action, as in the action of crashing into an IMAX camera! Eek! Hopefully Christian Bale didn’t bitch her out, he can be a little testy on set, or so I’ve heard.

This video comes from TMZ and shows Catwoman on the Batpod, cruisin’ down the steps of city hall as revealed in set pics last week. As you can tell when you watch the clip it does appear Anne Hathaway‘s stunt double crashes into a camera. You can even see shrapnel!

Sources close to production tell us both the camera and the cameraman were not injured during the incident — but if you look closely, you can SEE camera shrapnel … and fixing those things ain’t cheap!

A rep for Warner Bros. had no comment.

Whoops. Check it out below.

I’m sure it’ll look more awesome and climactic when it’s edited into the picture. But what do you think about the talk people just aren’t as impressed with what’s been leaked about The Dark Knight Rises thus far?

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