holy fuck-oly. I never thought a Portal fan-film would make me cry, but it just happened. I totally wept bitch tears at YouTube user ‘s amazing stop-motion-animation video inspired by Portals “lab rat”.

Mixing 3D, Live-Action and Stop-Motion all to the tune of “Exile, Vilify” by The National, Faceofdoomness crafts a somber tale of loneliness, madness, unrealized love, sacrifice and redemption. It almost tells the story (the comic, Portal 2: Lab rat) better than the comic. Truly, it’s full of emotion, absolutely beautiful, and a reminder of the lack of skills I possess.

“Rat Man”, a lab worker at Aperture Science with a history of schizophrenia, who survives GLaDOS’ attempt to murder every employee in the Aperture Science facility when she is first turned on. Sneaking through the facility, he creates murals and scrawlings that guide Chell in both games.

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