Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm and Sue Storm have been the same members of the Fantastic Four since their inception in 1961. Despite some marriage disputes and fill in replacements, Marvel’s first superhero family has remained pretty solid- until the Human Torch’s flame was snuffed out. Back in Janurary Johnny appeared to “die” stopping a horde of monsters from escaping the other-dimensional prison world known as the  Negative Zone. This death caused a ripple in the team, re-branding the Fantastic four as the Future Foundation and Spider-man came in to replace their fallen member… for a while.

It seems that after less then a year The Human Torch might be back as Marvel has been teasing the now confirmed Fantastic Four #600. The cover- which includes the flame tossing brother of the Invisible Woman, beside his former team and Spider-man. It does look weird, but after filming Captain America you need time to rest, why not have Spider-man fill in for you while your on vacation? Now that you’re all rested up naturally it’s time to get back to punch bad guys and being cocky. It should be mentioned that this cover image first appeared at the Dallas Comic Con back in May so theories have been around as to just what the hell is going on.

Check out the cover after the jump.

death/resurrection twist is a frequent trend in comics, but this situation may just be a way to throw everyone off from the real story at hand. People are expecting The Human Torch to come back, it’s the like the money shot, you know it’s going to happen. Yet, looking at the costumes this might even be a story within a story, a way to transition a new Torch lighting up the New York skyline.

What do you think of a Johnny comeback? Is it to soon? Or not soon enough?

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