Justin Lin has wanted to direct a 5th installment to the Terminator franchise for a long time now, and after all the recent bad press it seems that the Fast Five director can finally get his wish and work  on his dream film with the original T-800 himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Justin has a very strong style to his films and after the let’s say ‘lukewarm’ success to Terminator Salvation another film that featured Schwarzenegger, I think it’s time for the Terminator to get the edge it so desperately needs.

Take a look at Lin’s quotes on all of this after the break.

Here’s what Lin had to say about his Terminator meeting:

‘Terminator’ is something I’ve been having a lot of fun with. Just even this week, I had a great meeting with Arnold and James Cameron,  just sitting down unofficially. And James is so gracious because he’s not part of the project, he’s not going to be producing, but it was  great of him just as a filmmaker to take time out to just talk.

He also said:

Again, if I’m going to be kind of the gatekeeper to it, I want to make sure that I can  hopefully build it up the right way – and so far that’s been the most  fun. Just to be able to take James Cameron’s brain and for him to be so open even though he has no stakes in it, just as a human being, that’s  something that I will always remember as a part of my journey as a  filmmaker.

If you head over to The Playlist‘s story, Lin has even more to say about how his career has opened up, the opportunities the Fast and Furious films have given him and why he’s had to turn down a lot of things (Including a Higlander reboot, Die Hard 5 and The Wolverine).

I wonder what good he could do to the Terminator franchise. James Cameron pretty much said all that could be said with the franchise in ‘Judgment Day’. I don’t quite know what’s left to tell. Hmm, perhaps he could actually show that goddamn big fight they’ve been teasing for 4 movies and almost 3 decades.

Thanks to The Playlist for the quotes.

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