First Syfy was all, “We love Eureka, we’re really invested in continuing our most successful, original, sci-fi series and franchise!” Hooray, more Eureka! Then they changed their minds, those bastards, and were like, “Boo! Fuck Eureka! We hate that show and the money it makes us and the fans who love it!” Eureka was cancelled.

But now, Syfy is throwing us all a chemically engineered, super-bone. Eureka will have one more episode beyond the 13 episodes already planned for season five. This episode will serve as closure for the series as well as all our favorite characters. They’re currently writing this episode now since the final episode of season five was written before the cancellation news and probably wouldn’t have given the series a proper ending.

So, hey, it’s something, right? Still completely, totally sucks huge balls Eureka is getting the axe, but at least we’ll all have closure. And we didn’t have to wait for a fans to rally and demand a movie, and I guess that’s kind of nice.

How do you think they’ll tie up all the loose ends in the world’s smarted town?

source: io9

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