Sexy Cosplay Of The Week- Ambrosia

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Break out the genital juice clean up rag, it’s time for Nerd Bastards’ Sexy Cosplay Of The Week.  Where we pick a special costumed beauty and shower her with praise, while you shower her with something a bit more 18+.
This week we’re proud to present America’s own Ambrosia

Sometimes known as food of the Greek gods, the name Ambrosia is perfectly “suited” for this princess or primp. Her figure alone should be used for the model of the perfect nerd woman in today’s society, with all it’s photoshop and over saturated slutty TV women.

Ambrosia is a New Jersey native. A city famed for over-tanned, fist-pumping idiots addicted to the GTL lifestyle. Ambrosia is none of these things and thank lord. She is a beacon of beauty compared to all those guidos. Being the true nerd that she is, Ambrosia loves videogames, roleplaying and MST3K (it has to be Tom Servo that does it for her).

Known to her friends as Krys, this Cosplayer has just shy of 80 curve fitting costumes to fit over her delicate frame. Reaching the gambit of costumes Ambrosia tends to sticking with mainly Anime and the Sailor Moon series.

Beyond being just being a pretty face, Krys is also a research biologist.  Damn, pretty girl with a brain? Us pervy bastards don’t stand a chace.

Fancy another gander at some Ambrosia? Check out the shots after the jump.

If you want to see more then check out Ambrosia’s, ACP and Cosplay Lab for more.

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