Hit Somebody might be Kevin Smith‘s final film, but he’s gonna stretch it into two. Why? Because he can, that’s why. Smith has become a studio unto himself; having always been extremely involved in his films, normally writing, directing, editing and sometimes acting, Smith is now distributing them without the help of a studio. He first did this with his current film, Red State, and I’d expect the same to be the case for Hit Somebody, parts one and two.

Working outside the studio system gives Smith the freedom to make his film finale however he wants.  Sadly, a movie about hockey wouldn’t have received the money needed to tell the story in one film, let alone two. As far as most Americans, and American movie studios, know, hockey is the weird sport with sticks those Canadians play. Kind of how we’re also easily confused by soccer. ‘Mericans want movies about ‘merican sports, like baseball and football! Yeah! ‘MERICA!

Hit Somebody is about Buddy, a tough hockey player who goes professional with dreams of making one goal. The split is said to come once he’s made the leap to a professional team, meaning the first film would focus on his childhood.

As of right now Hit Somebody stars Nicholas BraunKyle Gallner, Michael Angarano and possibly Colin Hanks, Stephen Root, John Goodman and Melissa Leo. Smith has posted a few scenes on his blog, Silent Bob Speaks, which you can read here and here.

Whaddya think? Think a Kevin Smith drama-comedy about hockey will have people hooked for two films? Will he release it himself, a la Red State?

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