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Just because the Arrested Development movie might never happen doesn’t mean you can’t find new things to do with your love of all things Bluth. And it’s not just their home recreated in LEGO, click here to see Michael, George Michael, Tobias (in blue), Buster (with hook) and the whole family. (The Mary Sue)


All right, Star Wars Expanded Universe nerds, a highly anticipated book is on the horizon. A new novel detailing the time of the most unfortunately named Sith lord, Darth Plagueis. You might remember Palpatine mentioned him in Episode III; Plagueis was Palpatine’s master until Palpatine killed him, as Siths are wont to do. (Geeks of Doom)


Internet cat videos don’t just happen, they’re made by tireless artists at Kittywood Studios. Watch the behind the magic video above to learn how many of our favorite cat videos were created. (The Mary Sue)


Fred, you douche. (Nerd Approved)


Once you’ve been appropriately strapped into you Tardis corset, you too will appear smaller on outside, while on the inside you’ll be struggling to breathe. (Nerdist)

::EDIT:: Here’s Nicole Schwartz, the corset’s creator, with more info,

That’s my corset, $890 with lights and sound, $710 without. This is the first one (mine) and there is a waiting list for additional ones (it isn’t even done yet!) keep up with progress of the corset at http://TARDIScorset.com or http://www.facebook.com/MayFai…. Please use http://mayfairemoon.com/contac… to contact Nikki and put yourself on the wait list


This is compilation of the 25 greatest unscripted moments in films, and it’s brilliant. Make sure you keep on the annotations for each scene. To increase the learning. (TDW)


The guys over at Geek Tyrant fixed the Zack Snyder‘s Superman suit. Ahh, yes, much better. I don’t like my Supes desaturated.


Sadly, no, these rings aren’t real. But really, why were you thinking they were you sick bastard! You’re going to put this Portal ring on your loved one and they’re gonna lose a finger! Charming, but dangerous. Hmm…kind of like Portal. (TDW: Geek)

You might have seen the varient cover for the new Justice League #1, featuring Wonder Woman is some ridiculous pose. Well, Bleeding Cool had a contest for who could recreate the pose and this dude’s the winner. Star-spangled banana hammock and all. Head on over to Bleeding Cool to see the other entrants, if you can.


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