Some dude replicated the entire World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. with construction paper, a pair of scissors and far too much time on his hands.

Pfft! Normally I’d be impressed, but the friggin’ N00B made a myriad of mistakes. *clears throat*

  • Missing points display, running total at the top, and a timer.
  • Cloud and bush shapes don’t match.
  • The invisible block with the 1-up is visible at 0:20
  • Why does Mario turn into Luigi once he gets the fire flower?
  • So many notes of the song are wrong.
  • The distance between the block pyramid and the flag is wrong!

And to top it off, he just grabs the bottom of the flag pole.  Why do something that takes so much effort just to have Mario make a half-assed run through the level? *Shakes head*

Don’t mind me, I’m just trolling. In all honesty, this video is goddamn impressive. Entire Word 1-1. Done. With. PAPER!

Source: ToplessRobot



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