Mary-Louise Parker Joins ‘R.I.P.D’

Joining Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges in the upcoming film adaptaion of R.I.P.D. is one Mary-Louise Parker. You might remember her from a recurring role on The West Wing, fiesty, pot-dealing mom, Nancy on Weeds and her part in last year’s RED.

In R.I.P.D. she’ll be, “the woman overseeing the division who explains to Reynolds’ character what has happened when he dies.” Oh yeah, did I mention R.I.P.D. is about a police force of undead officers? Maybe I should have mentioned that. Reynolds is playing, Nick Cruz, a recently killed officer with plans to track down his murderers. Bridges is a wise, older member of the force who helps and mentors Cruz.

R.I.P.D was originally written by Peter Lenkov and was adapted for screen by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, with Neil H. Moritz. Currently being developed by Dark Horse Entertainment and produced by Mike Richardson, Ryan Reynolds and Jonathon Komack Martin, R.I.P.D. will open June 28th, 2013. So maybe, don’t start lining up just yet.

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