And sorry folks, it truly is a glimpse. But hey, it is someone, hopefully Henry Cavill, in the suit on set for Man of Steel, currently filming in Planos, Illinois. The images below, beyond the cut, come from Greg Zonsius, and the unofficial Man of Steel Facebook page, and are our first look at the ‘S’ logo on the back of some chairs as well as a crater, which we’re guessing is from Kal-El’s arrival on earth.

Also, I’m pleased to say, the cape looks really red. Like, red red. Not the de-saturated cape we saw in the first official image of Cavill in the suit seen above. Hopefully this means they won’t be toning down the colors in the film, Superman should be bright.

And, damn, this really is a summer where super heroes walk amongst us. Right now the Avengers are blowing up Cleveland and Batman’s cruising around Pittsburgh. Now Supes is in Illinois. It’s crazy!

Give the images below a look and tell us what you think.

Source: Geek Tyrant

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