Finally! An Authentic Light Saber for Kids

Nana nana boo boo. I’m cooler than you. At least for the moment anyway. Why? ’cause I got my hands on Hasbro’s “Ultimate FX Lightsaber”. And I GOTS IT FO’ FREE. Eh, it’s one of the little perks of being an el primo blogger, you get sent free swag to try out. Jealous? Well bra, you should be. This is a wicked cool toy. Technically it’s for kids, but my immature adult ass is having too much fun swingin’ this Darth Vader saber around like a maniac.

You’ve seen kid sabers before and they suck, but I swear to you this is different. It’s the greatest light saber to ever be introduced to kids. Basically, it’s just a slightly smaller version of Master Replica’s -super expensive- sabers us big kids play with. The glowing blade ignites with light and makes sounds when you power up, power down, and smash against your friends cranium. Looks (hilt is plastic, not metal, but looks accurate) and feels just like the adult version, but has a proportionally sized blade and hilt for your wee one to hold accordingly. It’s cheaper too. $29.99 compared to the adult version at $109.99 (or higher). Essentially, your kid can one up all the other tykes with a proper, affordable, authentic replica. Let us laugh at the common folk as they sadly play w/ the $2.99 extendo blades from Walmart. You should proudly shout: “Nana nana boo boo. I’m cooler than you. I have a Hasbro “Ultimate FX Lightsaber”. Now give me your baby bell cheese, or face the dark side of the force.”

All in all: worth the money. It’s a respectable middle-market toy, and not nearly as scary to spin as a “real” FX, because you won’t really care about blowing one of these LEDs. If you’re on the fence, buy one. If you don’t like it, give it to us. The rest of the bastards here are jealous that they don’t have one.

Oh, I also must comment on the packaging. I dunno if what was sent to me is what you’ll see on toy shelves, but the outer box  made me squee and clap my hands like a ‘tard.

Watch the snappy video I took from my iPhone.

*Note: Despite how I sound in the video above, I am not southern. I am from Boston, MA. Every time I talk on video I feel compelled to speak like foghorn leghorn. I dunno why. Go ahead and laugh.


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