The Dark Knight Rises may have left Pittsburgh but The Avengers still have plenty of filming left to do. These images and clips might be from Cleveland, honestly, it’s hard to tell. But what you can see is our first good look at Tom Hiddleston in costume on set.

Below are three good shots of Hiddleston is his Loki garb, plus two videos filmed on set. Kind of adorable to note, this footage seems to come from a father and son team. Awwe, set crashing and good ole’ nerdery is a family affair!

Filming wise, the only bit ‘o’ scene you’ll catch is at the end of the second video (hilariously entitled ‘Tom Hiddleston as Loki works hard in The Avengers’, lolz) where a mob of innocent bystanders run away screaming.

The Avengers is set for release May 4, 2012.

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