Could a ‘Deadman’ Series Come to the CW?

Yeah, ’bout that. Not gonna happen. Regardless of the likelihood this project will ever see the light of day, Eric Kripke is apparently working on a Deadman television series pitch for the CW. This would be the same Deadman whose a crime-solving ghost/ former acrobat. If The Cape couldn’t find an audience and it’s final episode wasn’t even aired on television but rather made available on the web, how would this show be picked up?

I would find a Deadman series pretty interesting, but I know I don’t represent a majority of the television viewing community, and definitely not the CW’s audience. What’s even on that channel, anyway? Kripke’s last project was a Sandman television series, which, as you can guess, also never became a reality (and was apparently better).

Would you watch a Deadman TV show? Would you be even a little interested? Deadman is about to be featured in the new DC Showcase series, so maybe the time is ripe for Deadman to break into the mainstream.

Source: Topless Robot

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