Oh, Firefly. How we miss thee. Joss Whedon‘s space western is a cult classic so close to many nerd’s hearts. The series only lasted one season (of which FOX didn’t even air all the episodes!) but was shortly resurrected for a movie in 2005 due to fans’ sheer will power and ability to not shut the fuck up. But even rewatching “Jaynestown” or “Out of Gas” for the umpteemth time can’t fill that Firefly class starship hole in our hearts.

Thankfully, since Browncoats won’t quit, the awesome folks over at CarSort have created this fantastic infographic to give you a bit of a Firefly fix today. Below is a wonderfully illustrated guide to 18 Things You Didn’t Know About Firefly.

For examply, did you know Neil Patrick Harris was turned down for the role of Simon? Or that some of the sets were recycled from Power Rangers? Hey, the more you know, right? And knowing is half the battle or some shit.



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