Lookin’ for a reason to spend your hard earned cash? Typically, I’d advise that your funds go towards hookers and cupcakes (bake goods and sex trade stimulates the economy). Today however, I suggest you break out the credit card and make a space on your shelf, because HOT TOYS have just unveiled their movie-accurate Batman Collectible Figures from Tim Burton‘s classic 1989 Batman!

Long before Christopher Nolan blew our minds with The Dark Knight, there was Burton’s Batman. Two rather sick two-sided antagonists (Batman and the Joker) having it out in a black and sordid context. To this day, it’s still dark, haunting and poetic. HOT TOYS 1/6 scale collectible action figures of both Batman (played by Michael Keaton) and The Joker (Jack Nicholson) remind us how ‘effin cool that flick really was, whilst showing off how awesome toys can really be.

These movie-accurate Batman and Joker Collectible Figures are highly detailed, highlighting the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), sophisticated costume, weapons and accessories. Both figures perfectly captures the look and detail of hero and villain.

It’s truly amazing what they can make these days.

You can pre-order the set on alteregocomics.com. $469.99 is their price. Totally worth it. Figures will ship 1st quarter 2012.

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